Make Videos, Get Money: Vimeo’s CEO on Why Creators Should Get Paid

The rise of the social web has brought wonderful, mostly free, services to millions of users, allowing them to create and share digital content on an unprecedented scale. But sigh! How to monetize all this engagement? While Facebook, YouTube, and other content-sharing sites built their business models on advertising, Vimeo played its cards a little differently. With its clean interface and cuddly community vibe, Vimeo has carved out a niche as the videomaker’s video platform. Can a media platform really survive without flooding its audience with advertising? Could it survive simply by charging its users directly? Spearheaded by Kickstarter and Etsy, a new wave of startups are thriving by connecting creators with audiences, skimming a percentage of the crowd funding or sales generated in the process. Vimeo is joining these ranks today, announcing two new tools that will allow videomakers to generate revenue from their videos.