You Are Here: A Whole-Sky Time-Lapse of the Galactic Center

Beautiful, deep view into the Milky Way’s core

The Only Existing Video Footage of Anne Frank

On July 22, 1941, a 12-year-old girl at Merwedeplein 37 looked on as her neighbor got married.

The Spanish Farm on a Mission to Make Humane Foie Gras

“Everything is not about making money. Our system isn’t just a business. It’s a way of life.”

'Men Build Boats Because They Can't Have Babies'

A moving documentary about one man’s devotion to craftsmanship in an age of advanced machinery.

Don’t Blame the Sea: Fishing After the Tsunami

A beautiful documentary about one family’s determination to survive on the coast of Sri Lanka.

A Real-Life Wonderland: Play Music in This Huge Laser-beam Forest

Marshmallow Laser Feast’s awe-inspiring musical instrument is a collective experience.

Sri Lanka and Coconut: The Many Uses of This Beloved ‘Drupe’

While traveling across Asia for their series on sustainable food, the duo fromPerennial Plate stops by a modest coconut plantation near Negombo, Sri Lanka. Here, creators Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine meet an adorable family of eight, who eagerly demonstrate the coconut’s many virtues. 

A Jaw-dropping Google Street View Hyperlapse

This is the fastest you’ll ever go across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Typography Porn: 100 Years of Title Design in Film

From the highly stylized introductions of the James Bond franchise to Woody Allen’s minimalist black-and-white template, opening credits in movies have a curious history.

This Trippy Video Explains Bitcoin in Under 4 Minutes

The mysterious digital currency has spiked in value — but what is it? 

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